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Business activities Development and manufacture of ethical drugs
  • contract manufacturing of injections, and external/oral liquid preparations, as well as contract manufacturing primarily through the use of spray dry manufacturing technology
  • contract manufacturing of investigational products
  • Development and manufacture of generic drugs (injections)
Development and manufacture of veterinary drugs
  • contract manufacturing of injections in particular
Development and manufacture of quasi-drugs, cosmetics and health food products
  • contract manufacturing of skincare preparations (e.g. skin lotion and milky lotion) to which injections manufacturing technologies are applicable
  • contract manufacturing of health food products to which drug formulations are applicable
  • Two separate buildings are used for manufacture of injections, dedicated to general (not highly active) drugs and to highly active drugs.
  • Two spray driers for mass production and one spray drier for pilot production are independently installed.
  • Manufacture of investigational products is also practicable, in compliance with the requirements by the FDA (cGMP)
  • Under state-of-the-art bottle filling lines for liquid preparations installed, the filling operation is performed within a laminar flow booth.
  • With best use of our technologies and management systems for manufacturing drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics and health food products are also developed and manufactured.
  • Acquiring ISO14001 certification in April 2006, we are and will be making every effort to reduce environmental loads both in production and distribution areas.
  • Our headquarters for R&D, manufacture and distribution is located in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, with excellent transportation convenience.