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Environmental activities Acquisition of ISO14001 certification

Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd. acquired the certification for ISO14001 International Standard for Environmental Management Systems as of April 7, 2006. Under our environmental policy, we are and will be constantly striving to reduce the impact that our business activities have on the environment and to realize continued improvements in our environmental management systems.

Environmental philosophy

Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd., as a company involved in the betterment of life and well-being of people, takes the corporate social responsibility of endeavoring to preserve the earthfs environment and striving to live in harmony with local communities, through which we make positive contributions to the realization of enriched society.

Environmental policy
  • We assess the impact that our business activities including but not limited to R&D, manufacture and sales of medicinal products have on the environment, identify and review periodically our environmental objectives and goals, and endeavor to realize continued improvements in our environmental management systems so as to achieve the target improvements in our environmental performance.
  • We comply with the environment-related laws, regulations, agreements and any other relevant requirements for which Nagase Medicals have expressed its consent to meet, and establish our voluntary standards so as to contribute to environmental preservation.
  • Among the environmental issues that substantially involve Nagase Medicals business activities, products and services, we have identified the following as the important issues in terms of environmental management:

    • To save electricity and gas consumption so as to make positive contributions to the prevention of global warming.
    • To try to save resources such as paper.
    • To minimize waste.
    • To promote and encourage ggreenh purchasing.
    • To perform stringent management of chemical substances so as to strive for reduction in the environmental impact and prevention of environmental pollution.

  • We positively cooperate in community-driven activities for environmental preservation and provide environmental information for the local communities, so as to act in harmony with the local communities.
  • We perform environmental education and training of our employees, such that each and every employee is highly aware how important environmental issues are and act accordingly in his or her daily routine.
  • We will make this policy well known to all employees and available to the public.

Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.Mitsuru Akasaka