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Nagase & Co., Ltd., a nucleus of the Nagase Group, was founded in 1832 and since then, has fostered its functions of studying and developing new technologies and products on the basis of its own capabilities, utilizing these functions to improve a collective strength of the Nagase Group. In these ways, Nagase & Co., Ltd. has substantially contributed to a wide range of industrial fields both inside and outside Japan, as a chemical trading company supported by its superb technical background.

Under the Groupfs slogan, ga technology and intelligence-oriented corporate complex that turns wisdom into businessh, the Nagase Group will concentrate on all functions of Group member companies on development of new products and on transmission of technology and information, by making the best use of its accumulated technologies, intelligence and experiences over a long period of time.

As a member of the Nagase Group that has, does and will continue to create new businesses, Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd. will also play a significant role in the functions of developing and manufacturing medicinal products, cosmetics and health food products.

Company name : Nagase & Co., Ltd.
Founded : June 18, 1832
Incorporated : December 9, 1917
Pain-in capital : \9,699,714,135.-
Number of employees : Approx. 920
Main businesses
: Export, import and domestic sales of chemicals, plastics, electronics materials, cosmetics, health food products, etc.
: Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange