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  Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd. Teikoku Chemical
Industries Co., Ltd.
1938   Company established. Factory completed in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.
1941   Started to sell Percamin,
a local anesthetic (the first Japanese-made local anesthetic).
1972 The Pharmaceutical Products Division of Nagase & Co., Ltd. was dissolved so as to form a new sales company for ethical drugs of Teikoku Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. The new company capitalized at 3 million yen.
1972 Capital increased to 48 million yen.  
1979   Completed work to comply with GMP.
1984   Started to manufacture and sell health food products.
1987 Started to sell Lonmiel Capsule®,
a new anti-ulcer agent.
Completed the development of a new anti-ulcer agent, Lonmiel Capsule®, and started to sell it.
1993   Established Nagase Alphametics Co., Ltd., a cosmetics and health food products manufacturing company, under a joint capital investment with Nagase & Co., Ltd.
1997   Pharmaceuticals building completed in the Itami Plant.
Business of the Pharmaceuticals Business Division was transferred from Teikoku Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. to Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd., which was then reorganized to be a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company with its capital increased to 498 million yen.
Business of the Sales Division for ethical drugs was transferred to Merck Hoei Ltd. (currently Merck Pharmaceutical Co.), and Nagase Medicals was reorganized to be a pharmaceuticals development and manufacturing company.
Injection manufacturing building dedicated to injections requiring control (e.g. highly active drugs) was completed.
Building dedicated to high-potency pharmaceuticals (No. 2 Injection Building) completed.
With the latest systems installed at this facility, company enters the phase of full-scale development and manufacture of high-potency pharmaceuticals centering on anticancer drugs.
Launched Docetaxel intravenous formulation, an anticancer drug.
Launched Oxaliplatin intravenous formulation, an anticancer drug.