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R&D of our own products

Nagase Medicals carefully selects research themes so as to respond to the marketfs needs, performs a comprehensive set of activities for ethical drugs and veterinary drugs, primarily in injectable form, which starts with investigation of possible formulations, formulation development, making applications to the regulating authorities for marketing approvals, validation through to manufacturing scale production, and provides these products for distributors entrusted with their sales under contract.

Drugs for which Nagase Medicals holds the marketing approvals

Ethical drugs: 40 items
Veterinary drugs: 22 items

Primary products

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Local anesthetics

Lidocaine preparationsMepivacaine hydrochloride preparationsDibucaine hydrochloride preparations

Therapeutic agents for gastritis and gastric ulcer

Lonmiel Capsule

Anti-gout agents

Benzbromarone preparationsAllopurinol preparationsSodium/potassium citrate preparations

Veterinary drugs

Injections for animals
R&D for cosmetics, quasi-drugs and health food products

We have performed R&D activities for skincare preparations (e.g. skin lotion, milky lotion) where technologies for manufacturing injections are applied and for health food products in which technologies of developing formulations are applied and at present, market a total of 11 items as healthcare products.