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Manufacturing system for injections

We manufacture vial injection liquid formulations intended for high-potency pharmaceutical products at our No. 2 Injection Building, which was completed in February 2013. This facility achieves a high level of containment using negative pressure isolator equipment and prevents cross contamination through the latest single-use system. As a result, the building is highly suited for the manufacture of investigational products, as well as pharmaceutical products. Moreover, by using shrink label wrapping we can offer packing that meets the needs of medical institutions, including the prevention of vial breakage, chemical dispersal and direct contact with residual materials attached to the vial surface.

  Vial formulation
OEL >0.15μg/㎥
Liquid preparation scale 5-200 L
Filling amount 0.5-50mL
Filling capacity 1,200-4,000vials/hr
Vials we can handle Glass vial / Resin vial
第2注射棟 No. 2 Injection Building
陰圧アイソレータ Negative pressure isolator
樹脂バイアル用外装除染庫 Exterior decontamination washing for resin vials
洗浄減菌機 Washing sterilization
充墳部無菌アイソレータ Sterile isolator for filling
シュリンクタックラベラー Shrink tuck labeler
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