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About contract manufacturing business activities of Nagase Medicals Concentration of technologies on realization of high quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness

Nagase Medicals places its main business as contract manufacturing primarily of injectable solutions (ampoules, vials) and oral/external liquid preparations as well as through the use of our spray dry manufacturing technologies. We have performed these business activities for major Japanese and foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical companies, and have enjoyed the full confidence of these companies.

Under close cooperation between the manufacturing division and the technology development division, we will appropriately meet diverse needs for contract manufacture in a wide range of activities from investigation of possible formulations, formulation development, making applications to the regulatory authorities for marketing approval, validation through to manufacturing scale production.

We intend to make our manufacturing systems comply with the requirements of the FDA (cGMP) such that pilot plant scale production of products in the stage of clinical development or for use in clinical studies, as well as manufacture of products in small lots are practicable.

  • 1. contract manufacturing of injections
  • 2. contract manufacturing of liquid preparations
  • 3. contract manufacturing of spray dry manufacturing processes
  • 4. contract manufacturing of quasi-drugs, cosmetics and health food products
  • 5. Entrusted R&D activities and quality assurance system
Manufacturing system

In order to keep the manufacturing management system at a satisfactory level, Nagase Medicals performs daily maintenance and inspection of the production lines and in addition, has a shut-down period of 40 days annually for the purpose of periodic maintenance, repair and renewal, according to which we strive to preserve the functions and stable operation of facilities.

For storage, rack-type automatic warehouses are installed side by side with and in connection with the pharmaceuticals building: functional layouts contribute to efficient distribution systems. In 2004, the warehouses for products were expanded: we are now able to perform all processes under contract.

Human resources development and utilization is promoted with an aim at improving quality and efficiency: each and every employee has the full awareness and knowledge concerning quality-first concept and cost-effectiveness, which actually results in many technical improvements and advancements in the production lines.

Overview of our plant
Pharmaceuticals building Steel-frame 4-story building, Total area of 3,893 m2
Injections building Total building area of 260 m2
Spray dry building Total building area of 1,279 m2
Health food products/
cosmetics factory (2 buildings)

Total building area of 722 m2

Quality control building

Total building area of 538 m2

Laboratory building

Total building area of 625 m2

Warehouses (3 buildings)

Total building area of 1,420 m2;
Storage capacity of 1700 PL