CDMO Business Highly Potent Pharmaceutical Products

Introducing the latest single-use systems, also suitable for the manufacture of investigational new drug

In our No. 2 Injectables Building, completed in February 2013, we manufacture vials containing highly potent liquid injectables. To further enhance our manufacturing capabilities, the facility was extended in December 2017 to add a production area for vials containing highly potent lyophilized injectables. The No. 2 Injectables Building offers advanced containment using compounding aseptic containment isolators (CACIs), advanced cross-contamination prevention using the latest single-use systems and advanced nitrogen replacement using vacuum stopping, which are all suitable for the manufacture of investigational new drugs as well as commercial products. It also possesses DDS manufacturing area, where manufacturing equipment specifically required for DDS can be installed.

We can offer packaging designs to suit the needs of healthcare providers

For packaging, we can offer shrink labeling to prevent vial breakage and dispersal of liquids and avoid direct contact with residues remaining on the vial surface. We can also tailor products to the needs of healthcare providers, such as packaging designs that protect against bottle breakage.