About Nagase Medicals Our Business

Development of generic drug products and contract manufacturing services for injectables and liquid formulations mainly focusing on highly potent injectables

Nagase Medicals develops generic drug products and provides contract development and manufacturing services for injectables and liquid formulations, based on sterile manufacturing technology for pharmaceutical products including highly potent pharmaceutical products such as anti-cancer drugs.

When developing our own products, we choose R&D themes that meet the market needs and conduct the entire process from formulation and design of dosage form, through to manufacture and supply of the products to the sales partners. We aim to expand our self-developed anti-cancer drugs into European and US markets.

Our CDMO business includes manufacturing highly potent injectables with single-use systems (disposable manufacturing lines) and advanced containment technology, as well as that of traditional injectables and liquid formulations utilizing sterile manufacturing technologies. We support a wide range of products from small-scale manufacturing of investigational drugs to full manufacturing of finished products. We are also focusing on drug delivery system (DDS) and can develop and manufacture value-added products by combining sterile and DDS manufacturing technologies. Our accumulated expertise through numerous commissions has resulted in high-quality, stable manufacturing processes. As your partner, we will fully support your products from development to manufacture.


Generic Drugs

Development and manufacturing of generic drugs

  • Anti-cancer drugs
  • Other drugs for cancer treatments

CDMO Business

Prescription Drugs

Development and manufacturing of prescription drugs

  • Highly potent / traditional injectables
  • Liquid formulations
  • Jelly formulations
  • Investigational drugs


Development and manufacturing of DDSs

  • Liposomes
  • Micelles
  • Lipid nanoparticles (LNP)

Medical Devices

Development and manufacturing of medical devices

  • Injectables
  • Liquid formulations
  • Jelly formulations

Strengths of Nagase Medicals

We support a healthy way of life by utilizing our three strengths.



We can manufacture highly potent injectables for clinical studies. Our many years of experience in manufacturing sterile products and providing contract manufacturing services allow us to manufacture products by the optimal method. We also support the development and manufacture of value-added products by combining technologies involved in DDS manufacturing.



With a wide range of equipment and benefiting from being part of the NAGASE Group, we ensure the stable supply of high-quality products. We can manufacture high-mix, low-volume highly potent injectables. Related departments will work closely to match your various needs for contract manufacturing from development to actual production. Please feel free to contact us.


High quality

We are establishing a system to meet Japan, US and EU GMP requirements and PIC/S GMP standards. Our equipment is capable of aseptically filling highly potent injectables, and is carefully maintained and managed. Each employee is dedicated to manufacturing from the client's point of view and supplying high-quality products that are globally accepted.