Message from the President

With pride in our work and awareness that “we are part of a company working with people’s lives and health”, we will continue to challenge ourselves.

Nagase Medicals is a member of the NAGASE Group, which is a chemicals trading company NAGASE & CO., LTD. at its core. Based in the city of Itami, Hyogo Prefecture, the company has an 80-year track record, and based on the manufacturing technology for sterile products it has built up over those years, is now expanding into the two key businesses. One is the contract development and manufacturing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, from investigational products to products for full-scale production and the other is the development and manufacture of generic pharmaceutical products.

The company’s previous incarnation, Teikoku Chemical Industries, was founded in 1938. With the reorganization of the NAGASE Group’s manufacturing companies, in 2001 finished dosage formulations-relates business out of Teikoku Chemical Industries’ pharmaceuticals business division was transferred to Nagase Medicals, which was reorganized to specialize in development and manufacturing.

In recent years, we have focused in particular on strengthening and expanding our capacity to develop and manufacture highly potent injectables, mainly anti-cancer drugs. In February 2013 a new building was constructed for the manufacture of vials containing highly potent liquid injectables, and in December 2017 this was extended with another building for the manufacture of vials containing highly potent lyophilized injectables. Both have production lines with the latest technology installed.

We will continue to leverage the networks of the NAGASE Group to respond to the needs of our customers and healthcare markets in a timely and speedy manner, focusing on the highly potent injectables business. To this end, our policy is to further upgrade our technological and development capabilities while also reorganizing our structures with a view to global development and using DDS technology to develop and manufacture high-value-added products, continuously striving to enhance our capacities further and acquire new technologies.

To ensure that we at Nagase Medicals will continue to supply our customers with pharmaceutical products that add to their safety and peace of mind, all our employees will work with pride and awareness that “we are part of a company working with people’s lives and health” and continue to challenge themselves

Mitsuru Akasaka
President, Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.