About Nagase Medicals Quality Policy

With pride in our work and awareness of being a company working with people’s lives and health, Nagase Medicals will continue to supply excellent products and contribute to the development of society.
Based on this management philosophy, our employees take our customers’ concerns as their own, pursuing excellence in manufacturing to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality products that meet global standards based on the following quality policy.

  1. Comply with domestic and international laws and regulations that concern our company’s products.
  2. Consistently view things from the customer’s perspective, understand expected needs, and aim to develop new products.
  3. Constantly enhance our quality systems, maintaining high quality and guaranteeing reliability.
  4. All employees will be made fully aware of the quality policy and goals, and will strive for continuous improvement in quality.
  5. Perform regular self-inspections to ensure safe, reliable production.

April 1, 2013
Mitsuru Akasaka
President, Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd.